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SANGOMA CAVES (Nkokomohi Heritage site)
Led by a call from their ancestors, traditional healers come here to learn the accumulated knowledge of the Sangomas. A short walk leads you down a beautiful valley with numerous cliff overhangs which serve different uses. 

You will find a Sangoma hospital area where one comes for healing and a Sangoma university where Sangomas pass on the knowledge of the ancestors to those called to serve. 

There are several areas of prayer where you can respectfully light candles and leave tokens of food for the Spirits to consume. This valley is the place to honour your ancestors and to dwell on matters of the spirit. Entrance fee is required.

On the Ficksburg to Rosendal road, close to Versierskerf. 

S 28º 40' 52.0 E 027º 56'12.7

FERTILITY CAVES (Motouleng Heritage Site)

Nestled in a narrow river valley with beautiful rock formations, it’s easy to see why this place is a sacred ground. The area has the largest cliff overhang in the southern hemisphere which is spectacularly beautiful. The Sangomas live in traditional huts inside the cave.

Traditional healers and herbalists come to learn from the ancestors. A short 30-minute hike leads you to the cave where you must respectfully ask permission from the Sangoma to enter the cave. 

There are several areas for prayer where you may light candles and leave gifts of food for the ancestors. 

The cave holds a San people’s burial area and a place for the elder women to pray. A drink from the sacred spring makes this an extraordinary historical and cultural experience.

It’s appropriate to offer the Sangoma a gift for his blessing at the spring. Entrance fee is required. 

At the Surrender Hill turn-off on the road to Clarens.

S 28º 36' 33.7 E 028º 23' 08.5